Our specialist services include Tamil, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Traditional Black Brides.

There is one particular day in our lives that we dream of from our childhood and as the time slowly comes close, we add more details to that dream.

Yes the dream we are referring to is the ‘Big Wedding Day’ that girls fantasize from childhood.

Brides want their special day to be remembered for eternity but no one wants to be remembered for the horrible bridal make up they had been subjected to by the inexperienced Makeup Artists and relatives.

Our professional team at Neil Ramautar with their combined experience of over 45 years will give you the makeup that will be cherished forever.

Once you have set your wedding date we will assist you in the following ways:

  • Shopping for your trousseau
  • Best places in India to shop to suit your budget
  • Discuss your colour palette and style that is most complimentry to you
  • Put your entire “look together” for the different days of the nuptials
  • Refer you to the best suppliers
  • Assist with your jewelry

We offer three consultations to our clients:

  1. Discussion on you look
  2. Your Trial
  3. The Final Look
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